Saturday, April 11, 2009

An open letter...

Dear "Anonymous": (commentor #17 from previous post)

As always, I am so thrilled that anyone takes the time to read our blog. So glad you took the time to check in!

Though your comment was short and to the point...I could sense the underlying frustration that the posts at Livin' La Vida Lia have slowed down tremendously. I, too, am a bit sad that I have not been keeping up with the many fabulous(!) happenings in our little world. I hope someday...maybe this catch up with it all and continue to record our day to day life as a keepsake for Lia.

Rest assured that we are well and having lots of fun! We have attended birthday parties galore, planned a trip to Disney for the fall, completed continuing education hours (me, not Lia!), done a great deal of organizing and furniture buying in preparation for company, played outside as much as possible, attended dance class (Lia, not me!)...and in our spare time...slept! We are happy and enjoying life!

So...only for you, anonymous commentor # 17 (because honestly, I am on the lamb right now from Jim...who thinks I am cleaning out a buffet drawer that holds 5 years worth of stuff)...I thought I would share the few photos Lia allowed me to take this week!!





And so...dear Anonymous...I hope all is well with you too...Lia misses you and her cousins terribly!! :-) She would like to know when you are opening the pool...and if you have that great snack cupboard filled with those organic dried fruit roll up things that she so adores(!?!)...

Peace out sista!! :-)

Monday, April 6, 2009

i Heart Faces ~ Week 13 ~ "My Friend and I"

This is my submission for this week's theme of "My Firend and I" at i Heart Faces. While technically cousins, there are no two better friends than Lia and her cousin Willow. During a little photo shoot, in hopes of capturing a nice picture for Grandma, I happened to catch them in act of sharing a secret. I honestly think they were planning an escape from the camera lens...but no matter...the picture was pure serendipity for me...and one I will treasure forever!


Head on over to check out the fabulous "Friends" entries this week!!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Glorious Color!!

Spring seems to have "sprung" in our part of the country! Each day brings new colors. Mother Nature is waking up ever so nicely. Every morning before breakfast, Lia runs to the windows to see what flowers have bloomed...and she enjoys pointing them all out to Jim and me!

We are in the midst of a very hectic schedule and I have taken a bit of a break from the camera and all things Internet to enjoy some outdoor time with my girl...but I did manage to snap a bit of the loveliness that surrounds us at the moment!

We are looking forward to a short week this week for school...and then a nice long weekend to re-charge! We wish you all a blessed Easter week!!