Saturday, October 24, 2009

ARRRRGGGGGG.....We be wishing you a Happy Halloween!!!!

Thought you all might enjoy viewing this swashbuckling Autumnal ensemble Lia sported to a midget football game this morning. Can you read the independent, conventions be d***ed attitude coming through loud and clear??? You're getting that, right??

For the record...the rain boots are a size and 1/2 too small...and that IS a red Philles (because who isn't a Phanatic these days???) shirt under that pulled out of the hamper Halloween sweatshirt.

Mom...0...and in need of a nap.


...and, well, for the further record...when we got to the game, it was pouring...and we realized the only umbrella we had...was the one Lia brought. It took her three and 1/2 years...but she has finally outsmarted us. We're happy we lasted this long.