Friday, October 31, 2008

Hats a go-go...

Today was the annual "Hat Parade" at Lia's school. She wore her costume to school last night to decorate a pumpkin with her Daddy...but today (thankfully!) it was just about the hats. I found this gem at an antique shop this summer and after a bit of spiffing up (yes...with a (GASP!) glue gun), it worked perfectly for this very special occasion! I am already contemplating our plan for Hat Parade 2009...and while I don't want to spill the beans completely, I will say that it involves a lot of fruit...and a little samba...

Without further ado, I present...Hat Parade 2008!


Flashback Friday....well, how could I NOT???

Halloween 2006...Lia's a parrot. I was supposed to dress as a pirate and carry her on my shoulder (theoretically), but she still wasn't sleeping through the night and frankly I was just too tired to get it together enough to find myself a costume. I took her into school to see the big parade of students in the morning and the students loved meeting her!


Halloween 2007...Little Red:


Stay tuned for pictures of All Hallow's Eve 2008...

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Simple things...

An unexpected day at home with unexpected snowstorm in October...simple things...big joys...

She begged me to watch the snow from the porch...but she REALLY wanted to be out in it!!


So...despite the fact that she is fighting the sniffles...I relented! (she was only out there for a short time...just long enough to taste the snow!)




My favorite shot! Be careful what you wish for... :-)


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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Putting the Feet to a Vote...

Lia told me her feet are "tired of taking pictures" I am going to put them out of their misery...and put the camera away for the evening. Honestly...I am a little frustrated and ready to scrap the whole idea!

Again...not over the moon about any of them...but if you HAD to pick one (and Lia's feet sure hope you do!)...which one??




First Feet Fotos (:-))

Okay...I tried a few shots this morning of Lia's feet. I don't love any of them! I tried B & W (which was my original plan) and then a few in color. I didn't get any that would work for our Christmas card...and not only that...I am now quite convinced that Lia has a major toe deformity! I LOVE her little tootsies...but do they look RIGHT to you??

Anyway...take a welcome...we will try again...

I think I like this shot the best out of what I took...but it's blurry!


Here's one in color...we did paint her toenails...


And finally the last one...


Any suggestions?? I did try some with more of her legs showing...but I didn't really like them...and ditto for the shots that show the top of her feet. Help!!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Another "Flashback"...and a request for help!

As I was doing a little more picture organizing, I came across this picture and had a little fun with editing!


We have been busy tonight...Jim flies out tomorrow morning and heads to Omaha (shout out to my Nebraska friends and you know who you are...sorry that's not in legalize!!). He will be in Michigan by Tuesday morning...and will then frantically attempt to make his way home in time to escort Lia to a pumpkin decorating extravaganza at her school Thursday evening.

We have a few fun events planned for our girl's weekend...but I have a mission in mind also. I saw the cutest Christmas cards ever...and they require a picture of Lia's sweet little feet. I have been thinking about how to get the best shot...but I have to tell you...I am a little intimidated! I see so many darling shots of hands and feet...but they give me trouble! Should she be sitting? Standing? Running? Walking? Crossed or uncrossed? Toenails painted or not?? And I could go on. And bore you all to tears!!

I will welcome all advice...and if you've gotten a really great "Piggie Shot"...share your link! We all love a little photographic inspiration!

Flashback Friday...I dug deep people...

Remember the Princess Posse from a few posts ago??? are most of them from a playdate in April 2006. They had all been home about 2 months. You might recognize the baby wrangler, Jen...and our friend Karen is hiding behind Mia.

(l-r: Taylor, Lia, Hannah, Katie w/Jen, Mia w/Karen)

I couldn't help including this off centered photo that I snapped quickly (before helping Jen with the screaming, toppling children of course). Good times...good times. :-)


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Having a Fabulous Fall and a "Spooktacular" Halloween...

We are the "snack family" for Lia's class this week. We are required to take a healthy snack for 25 children everyday. Since we were assigned a week so close to Halloween, I decided to get a bit into the theme. I LOVE Family Fun magazine...if you haven't checked it really should! It is full of great activities that are fun (well...duh..that's in the name...but they really deliver on that!)...and well...easy for the craft impaired such as myself. I found this great idea for "edible eyeballs" on their website. Lia actually ate them for dinner last night...and was so excited to take them to school today. I was a little worried that carrots, cream cheese and black olives wouldn't be to everyone's liking...but for the most part eating "eyeballs" was a big hit with the pre-school set!


And so you don't think we are just about the gory here, I thought I would post this picture of the apple pie we made over the weekend. I tried a new recipe from my friend, Kathy...and it was soooo yummy!!


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Petticoat Dancing in the Late Afternoon...

Lia's Halloween costume arrived today (finally!)...and her favorite part by far is the fancy petticoat that came with it! It evoked much ballerina dancing and merriment...and I couldn't help but snap a few pictures! (I's a sickness!) more hints on the Halloween finery...and I shall now resume my blogging break... :-)


Thursday, October 16, 2008

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Days That Matter...

My grandparents in 1943

gram and pup 1

My grandparents with my mom...1944. The family description, written in my grandmother's familiar cursive is priceless to me!
gram and pup 2

Today would have been my grandmother's 93rd birthday. Had he lived, my grandfather would have also been celebrating his 93rd birthday. Of course my grandparents chose this date to be married on (and how could they choose any other??). We have spent too many October 15th's without my sweet grandfather...but today is the first one we spend without my dear Grandmother.

Growing up, I remember my grandparents taking this "day of celebrations" to hit the road for a fun day trip together. The destination was always a surprise, even to them, as they much preferred traveling wherever the wind took them. The day was sure to culminate in a dinner "out"...which for my depression era grandparents was most likely a fast food affair.

I miss them both I surely will for the rest of my life...but on this first October 15th we mark without my heart yearns for one more chat, one more more loving touch from her soft comforting hands...

My sister so eloquently spoke at my grandmother's funeral last April and talked about how all of those who had passed before her would be waiting in heaven to welcome my Grandmother to a large dining room table...just as she had welcomed so many during her days on earth...

And so tonight, Gram...I will smile as I think of you and Pup enjoying a feast with those you love...who waited patiently for you to finish your time here. Our earthly loss is their most precious gain.


(Note...I had to scan the old photos...and I couldn't figure out how to get them centered.)

Tuesday, October 14, 2008