Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Days That Matter...

My grandparents in 1943

gram and pup 1

My grandparents with my mom...1944. The family description, written in my grandmother's familiar cursive is priceless to me!
gram and pup 2

Today would have been my grandmother's 93rd birthday. Had he lived, my grandfather would have also been celebrating his 93rd birthday. Of course my grandparents chose this date to be married on (and how could they choose any other??). We have spent too many October 15th's without my sweet grandfather...but today is the first one we spend without my dear Grandmother.

Growing up, I remember my grandparents taking this "day of celebrations" to hit the road for a fun day trip together. The destination was always a surprise, even to them, as they much preferred traveling wherever the wind took them. The day was sure to culminate in a dinner "out"...which for my depression era grandparents was most likely a fast food affair.

I miss them both I surely will for the rest of my life...but on this first October 15th we mark without my heart yearns for one more chat, one more more loving touch from her soft comforting hands...

My sister so eloquently spoke at my grandmother's funeral last April and talked about how all of those who had passed before her would be waiting in heaven to welcome my Grandmother to a large dining room table...just as she had welcomed so many during her days on earth...

And so tonight, Gram...I will smile as I think of you and Pup enjoying a feast with those you love...who waited patiently for you to finish your time here. Our earthly loss is their most precious gain.


(Note...I had to scan the old photos...and I couldn't figure out how to get them centered.)


Jboo said...

What a sweet remembrance of your Grandmother and Grandfather. How lovely that she was able to meet the sweet Lia. Love the old photos, don't you.


Kam said...

How precious and beautiful! I adore my grandparents and still have one set here. Your pix are super sweet! And hey, not sure if you tried this or not and I may be such a dork even telling you something that you may not have had any luck with...but while in compose mode, I just highlight my pix with my mouse and click the center text button at the top of your post. I think there is a way to change it in the html tab too. You may be able to click over there and read the code where your pix are and change it. Not sure if you tried there either. ugh, that was long. Sorry! Love this post!

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Those old photos are fantastic...treasures I am sure you will Cherish for the rest of you life.

What a beautiful tribute to both of your grandparents...I am sure it is so difficult not having her here with you on what would have been her 93rd birthday, but she is surely smiling down on you!

Laura said...

Happy Birthday Gram and Pup. I'm sure they are having one huge feast tonight!!!


missy said...

Such a sweet post, Kate! I can tell by your words how much your grandparents meant to you. I hope that today you will remember the precious memories and that they will bring a smile to your face.


a Tonggu Momma said...

What a sweet post! Happy birthday and anniversary to them, as they smile down on you.

Rebecca said...

I love this sweet tribute to your grandparents! What amazing people they were. The comment you made about the dining room table in heaven brought tears to my eyes (and made me smile, too).


Felicia said...

What a sweet post. Love the picture with little Lia; what a treasure.

Erin said...

Oh my gosh, Kate... it is 11:54 pm here, and I am now crying. Such beautiful words. There is simply nothing in life more important than loving our families, is there? Maybe (because you and I are friends), they will meet my James. I kind of think that our relationships in this life are never a coincidence. Anyway, I love that they have the same birthday. I am all about special meanings behind shared birthdays (as James & Libby share theirs). I am sure that they must be bursting with love for you, Kate. And for Lia and your Jim.

this is the story said...

This is so sweet. What a wonderfully romantic tradition your grandparents had together. Grandparents are one of the most wonderful thing we have and having them gone is so hard. I agree, your grandma is smiling down on you. She will always be with you.


Bridget said...

Such sweet memories and pictures! A nice tribute to your Grandma and Grandpa. I'm so glad that your Grandma got to knoe your sweet Lia- so special!

Amie@HeartSmiles said...


this is beautiful!.. made me tear up. And made me miss my grandma. :)
What a beautiful tribute!


Jennifer said...

I thought I left a comment on this post but I don't see it. What a beautiful remembrance of your Grandparents. How neat that they shared a birthday and that is was their anniversary.

I too long for one more chat with my Grandmom.


Denise C said...

OH Kate...I am wiping the tears! This is just precious! You are such a talented writer....talented gifted in so many ways!
Sweet blessings,