Sunday, October 12, 2008

From Belle of the Queen of the Pumpkin Patch















Rebecca said...

Great pictures as usual, Kate!!! Looks like you had fabulous weather... how sweet Lia looks!! We were at the pumpkin patch yesterday... it ended in disaster, but I did get some cute pictures before Grant's meltdown. :) Ha!

Jennifer said...

Great pictures Kate! Have a really fun weekend with you guys!

Love the last picture of the apple. GREAT shot!


Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Fantastic Photos!!

Looks like you guys had a blast....after last weekends fun, I was considering making the trip this morning so Sarah could meet the girls....too bad for the Croup!

It was the perfect about this weather!!

Have a great week!


missy said...

These are beautiful pictures, Kate!
I love all the lovely fall things you captured, particularly the last shot of the apple.

Lia and the girls are just gorgeous!!!

Jodee Leader said...

Adorable pumpkin patch pictures. It looks like the girls had a blast!

Pixel Fairy Princess said...

What fun! We went to the apple orchard on Friday and it was beautiful! They had a petting zoo and Li Li had the best time :D I sent you a package last week - let me know if you got it - You may not until Monday. I hope that you like your images :D
Ladybug hugs,

Jboo said...

Ooooh Kate-- gorgeous photos as usual!! Looks like a warm day at the pumpkin patch!

We were there too . . . but I guess in a different state than you!

Have a fun week!


Kerry said...

Kate- these are beautiful. Looks like you are branching out- the shots the the flowers and fruit are lovely.

Of course, the smile on Lia's face in the first shot dims the rest! Beautiful.

Rebecca said...

Kate - I just have to say - aren't pictures in sunlight HARD???? I have such a hard time with shadowing. Wonder if we should get a fancy flash like Michelle's. :)

Colleen said...

The pictures are beautiful!!! I love all the vibrant colors...and the girls are so adorable! Looks like a fun day!!!

Bridget said...

Great pictures as always. It looks like you had a warm sunny day- a great day to be at the pumpkin patch! The girls look like they had a blast. Have a good week!

Denise C said...

Oh how I love the picture of sweet little Lia's hand grabbing that apple!!! Beautiful!!! These are stunning photos!! Thank you for always leaving the sweetest are precious!!
Have a blessed week!!!

Laura said...

They all came out great. Love the picture of Lia picking the apple. Reminds me of Emma picking Blueberries.

We had a blast and Kevin even made an apple pie.


Yoli said...

She is adorable and your pictures are just stunning.

Yoli said...

Kate thank you for stopping by my blog. You can start her in fencing at around 8. However, it is something you can also beging in her teens. I started at 15.

Fencing is a sport you can play well into old age.

Joannah said...

Those are gorgeous photos! I can hardly wait to have a day in a pumpkin patch with my own little ones someday. It just seems like such a great family activity.

Erin said...

Beautiful! I love these last weeks of Autumn... and your photos are sooo pretty. Lia and her little friends are lovely! Are you still taking photo classes? It looks as though you've got some real knowledge of the inner workings of a camera!

Doug and Terrye said...

OMGoodness!! What beautiful pictures, I could almost feel cool, crisp fall weather.

Terrye in FL

Somewhere In The Sun said...

Wonderful pictures! I love those little bottles of syrup.


this is the story said...

Oh my goodness, I'm so behind on blogging. I just scrolled down to this beautiful post. The photographs are beautiful. Looks like a wonderful day!!!s