Monday, August 17, 2009

Summer in Fast Forward

Gosh it's been fun. Summer, that is. I look forward all year to the three blissful months I have off to spend with Lia...and just be. We have made the most of the dog days...and there has been nothing lazy about them. We have been on vacation for four weeks this summer...more than we have spent at home. In the 7 weeks we have been off, Lia has attended three week long camps, one week of intensive swimming lessons (which she loved!), and completed an introductory gymnastics course (which she also loved!). We came home yesterday from another week with grandparents and beloved cousins where she swam, attended campfires complete with s'mores and mountain pies, had makeovers galore (another fave!)...and just generally lived the good life.

.great minds.

.cousin posse.

Like a fish...and happy as a clam!

Nature's Fireworks

During an early summer visit we went with Lia's older cousin while she got her ears pierced. As I suspected, Lia was VERY interested in that! I really hadn't planned to get her ears pierced until she was six (a completely arbitrary number that just sounded about right to me)...but after giving it careful consideration...and near constant discussion time for two weeks, Lia convinced me she was ready to take the plunge. The day of the big event we were at the mall before the doors opened. She was beside herself with excitement...until she was up in the chair. We had two false starts...and then she decided she could do it if her dad was there. We waited at the mall FOR THREE HOURS until Jim could come over for lunch and moral support. We had them do both ears at the same time...and I am not even sure Lia cried any real tears. She was thrilled once she saw the earrings...and has told me at least once a day how happy she is that she has earrings. She also has been very good about reminding me to clean them three times a day. I wasn't sure I was ready for earrings...but they do look awfully cute...and she is so happy with them.

Oh yes she did!

So now we are home for the rest of the summer...registering for fall activities, getting organized for the school year...and of course getting ready for our next big adventure...our trip to Disney World in September. Plans have been underway for several months, and we can hardly believe it is almost time. It promises to be the second best trip I have ever taken (behind China, of course! :-)). More to come on that later!

.LoVe PuRe aNd SimPle.

.It's nEveR JusT blAcK aNd wHitE.

.CamPy CHiC.

That about sums up our summer...pretty simple everyday stuff to most...but exactly the stuff my dreams are made of.