Thursday, January 31, 2008

That's my Girl

Today when I picked Lia up from school, we saw a small school bus enter the parking lot. The conversation went something like this:

Me: One day when you are a big girl, you will ride a school bus!

Lia: I'm going to DRIVE the school bus!

Me: (thinking of the song "Wheels on the Bus".....shouldn't that be a good reference for a 3 year old??) Oh! Great! Then you can say "Move on back, Move on back" (like the SONG...get it??).

I put Lia in her carseat and satrted to get into my seat.

Lia: I'm not going to say "Move on Back, Move on back." I'm going to say "Put on your seatbelt, Put on your seatbelt".

Two of the one million reasons I love her today: My girl thinks outside the box but always puts safety first. She would make the best (and safest!) bus driver in the world.

FInally, she was extremely proud to show me that she printed her name by herself...AND CUT IT OUT!

I was pretty proud of her too.

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Don and Lisa Osborn said...

Not only would she make the best driver, she'd make the cutest driver!!! Great story.

Wow!!! That's great that she wrote her name. Save that one, mommy!

Your story made me smile.