Friday, December 19, 2008

Of Castles, Caillou...and L-L-L-Ladies

So I am pretty sure my face was as green as the Grinch with envy when I read of the trip my friend Lisa was rewarded with for a job well done (and Lisa... I really am happy for you and plan to live I hope you live it up big!). It hit me this morning that it might be time for Jim and I to plan a little get-away of our own. Our conversation revolved around the following earth shattering questions:

1) Do Max and Ruby have a last name?

2) Where are their little rabbit parents?

3) How much does the "actor" make for voicing the part of Max? At most he repeats no more than two words throughout each episode!

And my personal favorite:

4) Did Caillou's mother used to be Olive Oyl? It could just be the shirt...or maybe it's just me...'s definitely time for a little "adult" time...sans Sprout or Noggin. I am going to work on that! :-)

Heading in a different direction...Lia had a little phonics breakthrough this week...and I am SO proud! Her teacher introduces a new "sound" each week. We have been advised since Lia's early days at her school to introduce sounds rather than the actual letter name (although for the record they do practice letter recognition and Lia does know all her letters by sight!). The children are invited to bring in an object to share during class meeting that begins with the "sound of the week". While I occasionally bring up the sound each week, I have been waiting for Lia to take the initiative in choosing an object...waiting for that proverbial light bulb...a "sound connection" so to speak. Last night she randomly blurted out that l-l-l-lady started with the "LLLL" sound. It took me a minute to figure out what she was talking about, but a quick check on the calendar confirmed that it was indeed "L" week. I was so excited as she dug around in her dollhouse basket and came up with her "lady" to share with her class!!! I did get carried away a bit and suggested that maybe she could put herself in the basket...being L-L-L-Lia and all...but she looked at me like I had two heads. I try hard for the laughs...but she is tough I tell you!

Lia's "L-L-L-Lady":


Finally...when I picked Lia up this afternoon, she immediately started telling me about a castle she drew for her dad before he took her to school this morning. When we arrived at home, I couldn't believe what she had drawn. She is a better artist than I am! I only wish it wasn't on scrap paper and drawn with a marker that was obviously on it's last legs. It is beautiful. Lia told me the colored portion at the base of the castle is water. Of course it is.


She never fails to impress me. May she always be grounded in the day to day lessons...but never stop dreaming of those castles!!

Happy weekend to all...and to all a good-night... :-)


Felicia said...

You are so funny. I can totally relate. Someone will be talking about a TV show at work...if it's not on Disney or Nickelodeon...I can't contribute to the conversation. Hmm, I may need an adult getaway too!!

And as for Miss Lia; I think you have a little Picasso on your hands.

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

You are hilarious! When we were on our last vacation getaway we did actually miss Noggin....the one morning when we woke up Pat started singing the Super Why much as we were having fun....we sure did miss watching with Sarah...and our everyday life!!

Way to go Lia.....her lady was a good choice!

Hope you have a great weekend!!


PS...I am hoping to blog my trip like I did in Vegas:)

Rachel said...

What a great drawing! I think that's certainly better than I could do!

Great choice on the lady!

Have a great weekend.

Kam said...

You make me smile friend! What a brilliant little girl you have! I remember those days making sounds...Syd is in Kindergarten and is mastering blends and is reading now. Sounds silly but it's so exciting to see your baby "get it"! And man! She's an artist no doubt!

Get away with your hubs when you can. Max & Ruby will be there when you get back! ha! I can totally relate...except now we've moved on to Hannah Montana and doesn' t get any better I'm sorry to say. And at this point, we really limit their tv but I sure miss Max and Ruby!

Have a great weekend!

Kerry said...

Yes- it sounds like a much deserved get away weekend is in order for you! No animation at all!

Love Lia's castle- doing a little dreaming this morning? You'll have to save that one.

Have a great weekend.

Lucy said...

Lia is one smart little cookie. Love all of her questions, that little mind is churning away! :) I can totally relate. I'll be out in public and hear people talk about a big snow storm that's coming and have no idea about it. My world is so limited to PBS Kids! Love her castle drawing, now that's one to frame! Have a great weekend!!!

day by day said...

Oh, I am laughing about your Noggin and Sprout trivia! The fact that I could relate to ALL of the trivia, but do not know the weather for the day or much of the current news events....would say I need some adult time, too. hee hee!

That is a beautiful castle that your princess drew!!!

Have a wonderful week-end!! : )

Chris and Deb said...

LOL! You are too funny Kate! I can totally relate too....perhaps we all crash Lisa's party! :)

BTW....thanks for your sweet comments today! Sophie is doing well....other than her being a little tired and her would never know anything was wrong with her at the moment!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Jennifer said...

Dan goes around singing...Make way for Noddy and I join in. We all need a adult night out!!!

Lia is one smart cookie!

I LOVE the castle picture. She is very talented. That is a GREAT picture of a castle.


Erin said...

That Caillou drives me batty. Libby knows it too, and watches the show furtively (asking intermittently, "Do you like Caillou Mom?"---I tell her I "don't know him, but I don't like the way he whines") Lia is really artistic! Really! And if preparing for Christmas doesn't make a mother want a vacation, I don't know what could...

Jboo said...

Fun post -- but isn't that Ruby so bossy!!

Lia is a great little artist!

Hope you have a very merry and wonderful Christmas!


Shelly and Family said...

So happy to hear that Lia is having some major break throughs and after reading Lisa's post as well...I SO KNOW Keith and I are too due for a little couple's getaway!

Casey said...

I laughed!! See... it just takes talking to adults to get the jokes! We are a much easier audience because we talk to three year olds all day too! :)

That's great she found her lll-lady. :)

Have fun planning a trip!

Sharon said...

Bahahahahahahahha! You are too clever!

I wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas!!!! I am thinking of uyou!!

3 Peanuts said...

WHat a cute post..we too wonder about Max and Ruby's parents o our house! I love Lia's castle. She is a talented little artist!


Bridget said...

Oh Kate you are too funny! Especially your reference to Olive Oyl just cracked me up! I find myself at times singing Elmo's World - oh well :) I hope you're able to find some time up get away with your husband sans Noggin! Congrats to Lia on learning her L's- her lady is llllovely!