Wednesday, February 4, 2009

It's a New Day!!

I have my smiley, funny Lia back today!!! Her fever broke last night, thank goodness. She has gone all day without motrin or tylenol. I am so glad to have her little sense of humor back...and the twinkle in her eye. I must be happy because I was making up silly songs all morning, finally prompting Lia to request "a piece of quiet". Later at lunch, she mentioned she wanted to be just like me. So touched was I...until her next statement...which was..."Can you teach me how to be goofy??" It would be a short lesson, I can guarantee you...she's well on the road...

And now, gloriously...onto some good stuff! I have been having a little fun editing pictures in preparation of having some prints made . This shot is one that I took last summer. I believe it is my favorite image of Lia. To me, it just kind of reflects her essence. She is often contemplative and introspective and I think this image captures that.

Thank you all again for your support during Lia's illness. It meant more than I could possibly put into words...

And now...on to the pictures...any opinions?? Jim likes the first one...I am kind of partial to the second version...and the third was just experimentation... :-)





Chris and Deb said...

Awesome news Kate!! I am so glad that Lia is on the mend!....perhaps you can get a good nights sleep tonight too....or at least "a piece of quiet"! Love it! :) About the pictures....the are all so amazing....much to hard to pick for me!! :)

Jboo said...

So glad to hear she's feeling better!! I've been checking on you all day for news. So sweet that she wants to be goofy like you! What a girl! :) Your photos are all so lovely -- it is hard to pick. I think I like the first one! Take care of that goofy girl of yours!


my4andnomore said...

Kate,I was sorry to hear Lia was so sick. I know what it's like when those babies run fevers like that. I am happy to hear she is alot better. I love the pictures! She is so beautiful. You are a great Photographer, with a great subject. Your in my prayers, Amber

3 Peanuts said...

Kate---they are so beautiful and I am SO glad that Lia is feeling better you "goofy" Mom!

I like the first one a little better because it is warmer but I love them both.

Sharon said...

So glad she is feeling better! Gorgeous shots!!

Missy said...

So happy that Lia is feeling better and is back herself. I love the "a piece of quiet" statement. That is too cute!

I have always loved this pic of Lia. All 3 versions are gorgeous, but I have to go with Jim and say the first one is my fav. I like the warmth of it. She is an absolute beauty!

Kam said...

Whew. So glad she is back to her silly self! What a relief!

Okay, so yes...that is the most stunning photo! I loved it the first time I saw it. But I'm love the first one! If it were up to me...#1 would have it.

Have a great night!

sara said...

I like the first one too - I love the color of her skin!! beautiful!

Glad that hear that your Lia is feeling better!! All kinds of time to be goofy now!

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Glad to hear Lia is feeling better and wanting to learn how to act goofy:)

I have to say that this is one of my favorite shots of Lia.....I know you are getting all kinds of answers, but I think my absolute favorite is number 2....good luck picking!!

Rachel said...

I'm so glad Lia is feeling better! I'm always amazed when my kids snap back to their old selves after being sick.

I think its neat that you left for China today and that you were with GWCA. Who was your guide? We had Veronica, who I loved. I totally know things have changed - we rode the ever changing wait with our 25 month wait. Its so much longer now... I hope you are able to figure something out with a waiting child or another country.

Happy trip to China memories over the next few weeks!


Laura said...

So glad that Lia is feeling better and back to her silly self. Love alsow that she wants to be just like Mommy.

As for the pictures. It's a toss up between #1 & #2.


word verification: betere

Lia's felling bettereeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bridget said...

Kate -
So glad Lia is feeling better - Hopefully you will both sleep peacefully tonight! Now for the pictures - they are all so pretty. For all it's worth #1 is my favorite- I love them all but 1 is it for me. Hope you enjoy the rest of your week!

- Bridget

Felicia said...

I'm behind and getting caught up. I truly love them all and can't pick. What software did you use to edit?

Joannah said...

So glad to know that Sweet Lia is feeling better, and that Mommy has a song in her heart again.


Shawnstribe said...

Praise God for Lia getting better

Sue said...

So glad Lia is feelling better. It is so hard when they are sick.

All 3 photos are beautiful and each sends a different sort of feeling. I like the first one too.

Sue :)

Erin said...

So happy that little Lia is back to her t is very timeless and pretty.

Ivy said...

Great to hear the good news Kate. Sounds like Lia has your sense of humor too! What a beautiful and insightful daughter you have!

Well, all the photos are wonderful, but if I had to pick, I'd choose the first one, it has a lovely mocha hue to it, which is warm, subtle yet very unique!

Enjoy your girl...goofy is good!



Mireille said...

I am glad she is feeling better!! I find the first one the best, soft colors...really nice!! But above all a beautiful girl in any of the pictures you take of her!!

Shelly and Family said...

So happy to hear that Lia is feeling better.

As for the photos...I love the last one! You guys just take my breath away with your shots!