Sunday, September 4, 2011

My First Sunday Snapshot!!

They say it takes 30 days to cement a new habit. We'll see. :-)

Once upon a time I used to blog. I started this blog when we had been home about a year with Lia. And I loved it. I met many great friends...some of whom are now real life friends. I created a scrapbook of memories for my family. Win-win-win.

...and then I took an (ahem) small hiatus. For a few years. :-)

...and I missed blogging.

...but not enough to start up again apparently.

Until now. :-)

We are getting ready to make our second trip of a lifetime to China to bring home our daughter, Jillian Snow...waiting in Guangzhou. I've fired up her blog this week. And since I am an equal opportunity mom, I thought I would do a little blogging over here too!

My girl loves her some dress-up. On any given day, she changes her clothes no less than three times. Princess, rock-star, doctor...but always dreamer. Her mind changes with the wind...and her outfit...on a dime. And I love every minute of it.

I'm not sure exactly what was going on with this ensemble. It started out as a ballerina. But it appeared to go south (or maybe north???) when she went to the closet to pull on some shoes and come with me to gather the mail.

I turned around and saw this:


Our mailbox is at the end of our driveway. In plain view of several neighbors. And...well...the bus stop is right across the street. And the high school bus was just stopping for drop off when we were at the mailbox.

I just know those cheeky teenagers were taking fashion notes.

And Lia??

Casual and cool as a cucumber.


Even in those winter boots.

May she always stop to smell the roses...or, ahem, pick the impatiens.

...and march to the beat of her own drummer...

IMG_0754-Edit-1 whatever boots float her boat.

Sunday Snapshot


Kristi said...

She looks so tall!

And as the mother of two girls with their own unique sense of style, I say, "Go Lia!"

Lori said...


Erin and Josh said...

I have a friend who when asked, "How do I look?" tells her daughter: "Walk with confidence, dear."

Missy said...

So glad you are back to blogging!!! I have a hard time with making time to do it, but I think it's important documentation that FB doesn't allow. me some Lia in all her fashion glory! What a great kid!

Sharon Ankerich said...

A beautiful ballerina!!! :)

Mireille said...

haha.. i love her spirit!! So fun this Sunday Snapshot!

Maci Miller said...

These shots are so cute. And yea, may she always walk to the beat of her own drum in whatever boots she chooses. Great line!