Saturday, July 21, 2012

We're here...well...there...but here! :-)

Oh La Vida I love thee. :-) My labor of love...and the joy of Lia's grandparents. My precious memories. It's been a fun ride. I will treasure each post marking the big days...and the mundane.

We arrived home with Jillian on Thanksgiving Day and life is good as we settle into our blissfully normal, everyday life as a family of four. We've had plenty of big days and the mundane.

And it hit me a few months ago that despite the...ahem...large number of photos that document Jillian's first months home...I didn't have the story.

And I love the story.

So I am back at it.

Taking it easy on myself.

Allowing the occasional unedited SOOC photo to show up (gasp!)...

...but getting the story down. (which, in fact, may be the bigger gasp...there HAS been a learning curve to time management with two. But I think I'm finally getting it!)

I will be making some changes again over the next few months (I know I know!!!)...but for now, come and follow us at and so we wait. We'd love to see you there!!


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quilt'n-mama said...

I love this picture of your girls! Makes me wish we made it to a beach this year!