Sunday, April 20, 2008

Little hands.....Big work


Denise C said...

OH, just look at those precious little fingers at work...and her expression...oh how intense....she is making a beautiful masterpiece !!! She's such a doll baby!!! Thank you for your sweet comments on my blog..I always look for ward to seeing your name...and what sweet things you say to me...makes my heart smile!
Sweet blessings to you, my friend!!!

Bridget said...

What a cutie - she looks so intense! Good work Lia!

Heather said...

A picture speaks a thousand words! She gets prettier by the moment and what a crafty little gem she is!

Hope you enjoyed a happy weekend:)


Kimber said...

Adorable collage! She is so cute:)

missy said...

Lia looks like she is really concentrating on her project. She is too cute!

Jboo said...

Wow -- she looks really focused! Maybe you can get her to make some pie crusts for you! Looks like lots of fun.