Monday, April 28, 2008

A Post of Happy Thoughts

While we were back in my hometown for a very sad reason, Lia still managed to enjoy the extended weekend with her cousins. She braved the somewhat chilly Pennsylvania air to take a dip in Aunt Carolyn and Uncle Jim's pool. It is heated, but had not yet reached the optimum, hot springs-like temperatures we all love. The cold did not slow Lia down in the least. She leaped in without a backward glance and we actually had a hard time getting her little, teeth chattering self out!

Not everyone was as adventurous as Lia. (My mom, Daphne, Annemarie, Aunt Carolyn):

I found this fabulous Candlewick cake stand at my favorite antique shop. I can't wait to use it!

Today, I received a delivery from some of my co-workers of this lovely fruit basket. I truly work with the most wonderful, thoughtful people. The students whose lives they touch everyday are surely blessed and I consider myself very lucky to call them all friend.

Finally, I used this rainy Monday afternoon to bake cookies with Lia. She is thoroughly enamored with all of the letters that spell her name (thank goodness there are only three!), but she is especially fond of the "L". I found this L shaped cookie cutter awhile ago, but had not shown it to Lia yet. She was so excited about her "L" cookies! (*disclaimer: I know you are not supposed to eat raw cookie dough. We threw a little caution to the wind and decided to lick the beaters. We have survived to tell about it and I felt safe in posting this picture! If you look closely you can see the lipstick Lia insisted on putting on when she saw me putting some on.)
After we iced the cookies, I asked her what two colors she would like for the "criss-crosses" and she chose yellow and blue. As I finished the decorating, I realized she had unknowingly chosen the colors of the Swedish flag. I think my Swedish Grandma, who also happens to have had an "L" name would have been very pleased.


Jboo said...

Wow -- your Lia is so brave to get into that chilly pool! Love the "L" cookies -- how sweet. Your grandmother would be proud, wouldn't she! Take care.


Heather said...

Kate - what a sweet, sweet post and little Lia - she is BRAVE!! Your co-workers are very kind and how wonderful they lovingly reached out to you.

Love the cookies and regardless of the colors, your grandmother would be so proud of you as a mother and Lia as her great granddaughter, what a special tradition you carry on!


Jennifer said...

Beautiful cake stand! Now you and Lia can bake a beautiful cake to put on it. Love the cookies. The "L" cookie cutter is great!

Bridget said...

What a sweet post. Lia is just adorbale in the pool - I can feel her teeth chattering:) I love the cookies - I will have to find an "L" shaped cookie cutter for my little L. Hope you are having a good week! Thanks for the sweet comments - you can most certainly add me to your blog roll.

missy said...

Little Lia looks like she was having a ball in the pool. What a cutie pie she is.

Erin said...

Wow... you guys are living dangerously over there... less than warm pools AND raw cookie dough? Glad to see you have had a bit of fun. I love that candlewick cake stand. My M.I.L. collects it... she has a roomful that would make anyone's head spin!

Anonymous said...

That can't be Lia?? She looks so grown up with her hair pulled back. We miss you & hope to see you soon. Maybe this weekend???

Laura & Emma

ADELE said...

First of all, of course you can put link me to your blogs. I would love to do the same with your blogs as well.
I loved this post. Mallory got in my sister's pool last year about this time when the water was too cool. It didn't seem to bother her but her lips were purple. LOL.
Love the cake stand. My mom has one like it. What a lovely fruit basket. I am sure it made your day. Again, I am so sorry for your loss.
Love the "L" cookies. I can't wait until I can bake some "L" cookies. : )
Have a great evening.

Jodee Leader said...

Kate -- I am behind on your posts. I am so sorry for the loss of your Grandma. She sounds like she was an amazing woman.

Love the L cookies. They turned out so cute! We eat raw cookie dough too -- it's the best!

Yes, Minister... said...

Hi Kate,
Thanks you for stopping by my blog. Your little Lia is so pretty! She looks about the same age as my daughter.

I am so sorry for you loss, I agree with Heather - was a very special tradition :D

I would love to e-mail you and share some photography tip. I am a professional and grew up in a studio. My dad was a fashion photographer, so I think it is in my blood - or at least that is what my DH says :D

Look forward to hearing from you,
Ladybug hugs,

Don and Lisa Osborn said...

Lia looks sooo big and grown up. It looks like you'll be logging lots of hours in the pool this summer if you have one accessible.

I loved the story about the cookies. It is so sweet.

Is that your dining room? It is so pretty. I think we have the same dining room chairs. Your cake stand was an amazing find and I have no doubt you will share some photos of beautiful cakes you and your girl(s) have made in the future.

You are such a lovely person, Kate.


Lori said...

The cookies look yummy and the basket is beautiful! :)
I will have to look for the Amelia Bedelia books, I've never heard of them and it looks cute!

Lori said...

Oh, love the lipstick too! hehe