Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The "Funny Guy"...in magnet blocks

Lia received a wonderful Melissa and Doug Magnetic Pattern Block Set for her birthday. We love it so much, I have since purchased it for a few birthday gifts for other friends! Anyway...my normal practice is to keep up a rotation of toys...put some away and change them out from time to time. It seems to hold Lia's interest more and encourages her to attend for longer periods of time. I got out the magnetic blocks today and she enjoyed making puzzles all morning. Right before lunch she called me to come and see what she had made (Papa...she said this is the Funny Guy!) . The card on the left is what you are supposed to slide into the board and match with the magnetic blocks to complete the puzzle. Lia created her own "Funny Guy"on the magnet board, using the card as a model (with her own fabulous artistic license!).

The teacher in me says, "Nice work!"....the mom in me says, "She's a genius!!!"


Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

I have never seen these....what a cute gift idea!

I agree with the toy situation.....we rotate too...I even put some christmas gifts away for a rainy day....besides, she would rather play with the box!

How was the recital this weekend? I am surprised we didn't see any new pics!


Don and Lisa Osborn said...

Love that Lia!!! OF COURSE she's brilliant (and beautiful, too).

Cute story.


Laurie said...

Genius- that's the right word- seriously! I love the guy on the right- it's like he's a dancing version of the boring guy. :)

Jboo said...

You're so right -- she a genius!! Her version is so lively and cute! Great job Lia!!


Denise C said...

OH my goodness! GENIUS is completely correct!!!! WOW!

She is such a cutie pie too!!!

Jennifer said...

Of course she is a genius!!! Great job Lia!

Bridget said...

I would go with she is a genius! - What a cute toy- I love Melissa and Doug. Thanks for sharing!

Julie said...

Of course she is a genius! I love Melissa and Doug products! the princesses have the magnetic paper dolls! Hours of entertainment!

Heather said...

WE LOVE THESE!!! And I am going with the mom in you...she's a genius!

Okay, we are destined to be together...what beach? We are OceanCityites...let me know:)

Oh yes, I have pressed and saved some of my favorite Hannas for Mei Mei - would you like them????