Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A few (more) of my favorites...

I took a LOT of pictures this summer. What? You didn't notice?? Well...it's true. In fact, a lot may be an understatement! :-) I learned how to wrangle my camera a little better and Lia seemed to enjoy taking part in our little photo shoots. It was a dreamy summer...full of fun. And pictures. Did I mention the sheer volume of pictures I snapped??

Well...I am now beginning the task of organizing said photos...helped by the beginning digital photography class I took last night. It may take a while...but I am determined to organize, categorize and BACK UP all my photos with an external hard drive. (see how official I sound already? And it was only a three hour class! I'm not even kidding. :-))

As I started going through some of the photos, I found some previously unpublished pictures that I love! I'm hoping our lives settle down soon and we can get some new ones...but until then...I bring you some of my favorite pictures from our summer of (camera) love!


a Tonggu Momma said...

Love the all, but especially the swing shot. (I'm partial to swings.)

We have an external hard drive, too, but the Husband takes care of all of that. I am - how shall I say this - technologically challenged in that regard!

a Tonggu Momma said...

Drat -- that would be love THEM all.

I. Hate. Typos.

(Especially when they are mine.)

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Kate, these are beautiful photos!

I agree with Tonggu Momma...the swing is my fav too!

I can't wait to see more....and hear all the details about your class...how exciting!!


Pixel Fairy Princess said...

That Last one totally cracks me up! I know another little girl that makes that same face - now that is a must get image for this weekend - L & L side by side with that face :D

I can share with you my system for organizing - I take a few images here and there :D

Ladybug hugs,

Kellyann said...

All absolutely great shots. I would LOVE to hear if you think the class was worth it and what all you learned.

Jennifer said...

Great pictures!! I can't wait to hear all about your class!


P.S. Thanks for the sweet comment on my post. I get all teary eyed too at the moments we are having with Katie that I once just dreamed about.

Felicia said...

They're all so great. But I really love the one below the tree!

Laura said...

Beautiful!! Are you going to run a contest on just how many pictures you took?? Could be interesting to see the numbers??


Erin said...

Darling! Her hair looks so cute in a headband. Now I a fetting about not having my photos backed up! Yikes! After what I did to my blog, you would think I'd learn!

Jodee Leader said...

You are such a great photographer! These pictures are adorable. Enjoy your class!

Jboo said...

Love those pictures -- you did an incredible job! Nice that Lia was cooperative! Hope your week is going well.


Don and Lisa Osborn said...


I hope you learn lots of valuable information in your class!

Of course you have a great subject to practice on. Hope the willingness keeps on going.

Love you,

Michelle said...

Lia is such a beautiful little girl! These are adorable shots.

Lisa said...

She is beautiful!! WOW!!! : )

Shawnstribe said...

mmmm....very hard to choose.
but.....i also love the one below the tree....something of a fairy tale feel.
So beautiful

this is the story said...

These are wonderful. I envision a collage with "Summer 08" on the matting! :) You'll love to look at these in the middle of winter!