Thursday, November 20, 2008

Just because...

Just because my camera is still broken. (I have slipped a few photos in that I took with a generously loaned camera...but I REALLY want my own back! I know, I know...a little cheese with that whine, please....)

Just because parenting has been a challenge with our determined gal this past week...and it's nice to reflect on her sweet side.

Just because it's good for me to remember that she entered our lives as an independent, spirited girl...and it makes perfect sense that it IS who she still is...and her Mama needs to embrace that and be proud!

Just because these photos show how HAPPY doing things for herself makes her.

Just because, even though I am dead tired, worn out...and my child, sleeping like an angel in her bed right now, nearly brought her Dad and I to our knees last determined was she...she is the greatest blessing to us both and we love her more than words could possibly say.

In the first photo, I caught her in the act of removing her socks and shoes...something she did with amazing speed and agility for the first year we had her. She was a shoe Houdini and could kick those shoes off in a split second, no matter how hard I tried to foil her plot. We, of course, finally gave up and just began removing her shoes in the car or in restaurants. Now that I know her inside and out, I am certain Lia was thrilled that we finally got on board with her plan. We were slow learners, novices you know...but we catch on a lot quicker these days. She has trained us well.

In the second photo if you can't tell...she is attempting to put her sock back on. She would work and work...and never get frustrated...until she learned how to take them off...and put them back on. It was impressive. But what really gets me about this photo is how stinkin' proud and happy she is with herself. May I always (or at least most of the time) give her the space and support from the sidelines (you know, staying out of her way and all)that she needs to allow her to bloom. To do things in her own time. To dance to the beat of her own drummer. To be herself.



By the way...these pictures were taken when we had only been home a few weeks. Lia was almost 15 months old. How I miss that reverse mullet she sported those first months...she was all business in the back (shaved)...with a little fun in the front. She refused to keep a barrette in her hair and the bangs in her eyes drove me so crazy that I attempted to trim them myself one sleep deprived afternoon. I will share the devastating results of THAT rookie mistake another day. Needless to say, I haven't picked up scissors around hair since. Happy weekend to you all!


Jill said...

WOW! She was even a stunner back then!

Felicia said...

She's stunning now...but what a cutie patootie at 15 months. Love your comment...all business in the back, fun in the front...LOL

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

I love these baby pics of little Lia....what a beauty....even back then she had that twinkle in her eye....and the reverse mullet....I have never seen someone where it so well!!

Isn't it funny how it takes us so long to figure out the shoe thing??? Sarah still takes them off every time she gets in the drives me nuts!!

We all learn that scissor thing the hard way...remember Sarah's bangs this summer?

TGIF my friend....almost!!!


Missy said...

Such sweet, honest words you write in this post. I love it. You are the kind of mom that I think every child should have. Kids should be embraced for who they matter how challenging. Paige was and is and will always be an independent girl, too. Determined, she is.
Love these baby pics. The mullet rocks!

Jboo said...

Oh my -- what a little cutie!! You can just tell from the photos how pleased she is with herself! Sounds a bit like M who immediately removes her socks and shoes when she walks in the door even though it is freezing. Me -- I have wool knee-highs and fluffy slippers on. Her feet are never cold!

Have a great weekend!! Yay -- almost Friday.

my3 kids said...

what cute pictures and what a lovely post. The love you have for your girls sure shines through....sweet.

Laurie said...

Those are 2 of the cutest pictures I have ever seen- just adorable!! Man, she's cute!

a Tonggu Momma said...

The Tongginator sported that same reverse mullet! BwwwwaaaHaHaHa!

Your Lia is beautiful. And I'm so sorry she's been testing this week. Better to have spirit than be a push-over, though, right? Right?!

Kerry said...

This first photo may be the first time I caught a glimpse of Stinker Lia! That expression is so cute. Yes- one of determination too.

Loving and enjoying Lia's baby photos- but know that you are missing your camera.

Hope you are getting some good sleep and enjoy a relaxing weekend.

Joanne said...

This is a great post ~ Lia sounds a bit like my Mia, very strong-willed and a charmer all wrapped up in one cute little body :) Yes, some days are so challenging; but I try to remember, like you, that they are their own person and we should let them be ...them! You said it so much better than I just did :)

Shelly and Family said...

I can't believe she was once that tiny! I so love looking back....

Erin said...

Those are just soooo cute! Her chubby little baby cheeks, and her proud grin. I really feel wistful about your next baby hen I see these. At any rate, I am sure Lia will have you well-trained for baby #2. She is just so darling. I have had a few willful children myself, and sometimes they are the easiest teenagers.

Pixel Fairy Princess said...

Simply Beautiful! I love these :D
I will tell you - it must be the age - because we have struggled with our "determined" "Stubborn" "Strong Willed" gal this week too.

Ladybug hugs,

Heather said...

Just because she has the sweetest cheeks, most infectious smile and cutest hair, she has made our day!

What a tender remembrance...thanks for sharing.


Lucy said...

Such a cute post, you are such a good writer. I love checking in even if I don't have a second to comment. What a little doll baby Lia was at 15 months! I about died at your reverse mullet comment, too funny but boy does she look cute wearing it! I too have the same struggles with socks and shoes with Magnolia. Mostly socks, she takes them off constantly, it drives me wild!

Jennifer said...

I love these old pictures of Lia. How happy she looks with her socks. Katie still takes her shoes off too and it drives me nuts. SHe kicks them off in the car and it makes me crazy.

Love the flashback photos!


3 Peanuts said...

That Miss Lia has the prettiest eyes! I love seeing her as a baby!
Kate brings me to my knees many days with her strong willed ways (and the tantrums that come with being 2). So, I can appreciate this. She also does the socks and shoes thing and it drives me NUTS!!! I am ready to go and they are off again!