Friday, March 13, 2009

Fabulous Friday.

One silly, cooperative gal and some serendipitous sunshine was too great an opportunity to pass up and I got some really cute shots after school this afternoon.

she's a rockstar

I am struggling a lot with black & white conversion. While I really LOVE B & W (in fact much of my wedding was shot in B & W!)...I cannot seem to get the "mood" I am looking for in my own photographs. I am a Lightroom novice...and picking up a few things here and there that are helping. This is one of the many attempts I have made in the past few weeks...


Not perfect by a long shot...but moving in the right direction!

We have a jam packed, fun filled weekend we will see you all on the flip side! Happy Weekend!!


Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

That hat is fantastic on doesn't get much cuter than that!!

Hope you enjoy your weekend.....I will send some sunshine and warm weather your way....and maybe a fruity island drink too:)


Sue said...

Okay, LOVING that black and white shot of Lia. The hat is fabulous and she looks so grown up!

Have a great weekend!

Sue : )

Rachel said...

The hat is great. I have to say - I'm not sure what mood you're trying to capture, but I think that B&W shot is amazing! The texture in the hat is so rich and Lia's eyes look so deep!

Have a great weekend.


Felicia said...

I absolutely love the b&w photo. Enjoy your weekend.

Missy said...

I do love the black and white shot, too! I don't think you can take a bad pic of Lia...she is just THAT cute! Have a fun weekend : )

Rebecca said...

Like everyone else has said - the hat is completely fabulous, and Lia is so cute in her photos! I think you did a great job with the conversion on the 2nd photo. I have found that for me, I really like converting to black and white when the photo is one of two extremes. Either really simplistic, airy, light, etc... or really rich, textured, with lots of lights and shadows. Black and white emphasizes the cleanness of a photo AND the textures. I think the second photo works in black and white because the hat has those fun layers... it really brings that out and makes Lia the focal point!

Hope you're having a fabulous Saturday... :)


kerri said...

Love the conversion..
The hat on Lia is gorgeous, she looks so grown up in the BW shot..
Can I add you to my list of faves, love your site?...

Jboo said...

WOW Kate!! I love both photos -- the color and black and white!! You are amazing! Where do you find all those cute things for Miss Lia! Hope your weekend is going great!


Jennifer said...

Beautiful photos Kate!!!

Love all of them!!!

You should be so proud of yourself. Your photos are fabulous!


Ivy said...

Hi Kate,
Wow, missed all these posts! I can't say anything other than FABULOUS! This pic looks like something resembling an young Audrey Hepburn! Her eyes are striking in this particular photo.

Great photo!