Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Same girl...different hat...the blooper post!

Jim is out of town. He left in the dark of night sometime between Sunday and Monday...and we won't see him again until tomorrow night. Lia seems to take it a bit harder these days when her dad is gone...it really seems to upset her routine. She has told me several times, close to tears that she misses him...and it breaks my heart a little each time she says it!

She has been a tremendous help to me in getting up and ready for school. Usually, since I have to be to work by 7:30, Jim gets Lia breakfast and drops her off. Well, I am proud to say we have both been on time to school Monday and Tuesday. One more day...I keep telling myself...one more day.

I have tried to keep her busy to pass the time and today we baked "sLickerdoodles"(Lia mispronounces snickerdoodle so cutely!)! It is probably a good thing we don't have sLickerdoodles around all of the time. Lia adores that cinnamon-y goodness...and if we had more than two dozen left, I feel I would have to schedule some sort of sLickerdoodle intervention. The pull was strong, peeps...I cut her off at three. Not pretty. It hurt this Mama's heart to see my baby taking orders from a cookie...

I was so happy to see that warm sunshine this afternoon...and thought I would take a few photos of my little sLickerdoodle slurper...but you know, she wasn't really feeling it. It seems like the more I learn about photography...the worse I get at it. I am hyper critical of my photos lately...they just aren't "right"...and I am really struggling at the moment with that...

So take a moment...and enjoy my blooper reel from this afternoon's ill fated attempt at a decent photograph!!!

I got a few that I like...





But by far...I got mostly "blooper shots". For instance...this one...I should probably be afraid,right? I have seen the future...and I am worried for those teenage years...


More concerned with the thread hanging from her hat...(I really should have clipped that...I actually didn't realize what she was doing until I looked at the photos!


Finally...she went from a silly girl with a cheesy smile...


...to a girl just wanting to know when the sLickerdoodles...and the photo shoot... would be done! (this is my personal fave...she DOES NOT get that expression from me. Really.)



Jennifer said...

Love the Hat pictures. GREAT hats!!! Watch out for the teenage years. We will all see alot of that look.

Great pictures as always!


Jodee Leader said...

These pictures are just adorable!

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

These are your bloopers??? They are SO cute and the hat is perfect!!

That rolling of the eyes look is cracking me up....she is 4 going on 14!!

Hope you are surviving life without Jim......I just snuck on blogs for a couple of minutes while I am enjoying my coffee and wanted to say a quick hello!!


Jboo said...

Great photos! You are too funny!! Love the "look" - yep - you're in for it later! We made cookies last night too and guess ate most -- me -- not Maddy! I have to stop and back away from the cookies! Have a good day!

paige said...

the bloopers are hysterical!!!
i love these though
the hat is fantastic

Ivy said...

Gee Kate, where do you get those adorable hats. I love them on Lia. I happen to love hats myself, but not on me though.
love the bloopers, can she get any cuter? I think she's precious. The photos of her looking at the hat is good. Sometimes the bloopers are the best!

Hugs my friend.


PS Hope Daddy comes home safe and soon.

Missy said...

This whole post made me smile! I love that Lia calls the cookies "slickerdoodles". She is so darn cute.

Your photos...aren't right...huh??? Girl, you are too critical of yourself! I think your pics are TOP NOTCH, like I am not worthy shots, sista!

Lia's last face, well, all I can say is...Has Elvis left the building? : ) I love her!

Mireille said...

You are too harsh on yourself, these are adorable, the different expressions on her face, priceless!!

Michelle said...

Oh my, how funny is that Elvis snarl?!? But my fav is the look into the future. :)

Seriously, though, where do you get these awesome hats? These are GREAT!!!

Laura said...

Struggle no more, they look perfect to me.


RamblingMother said...

I think they are great photos.

Casey said...

Now THAT is a hat!! I LOVE, LOVE that last picture... the Elvis look. I'd have that one framed. HAHA!! And the sassy teenager look is classic too. They are all fantastic.

You know... I really like her hair mid-length. It is thick enough to pull off the mid- layer look. That way you can still style without the hassle of really long hair. To be honest, I was trying to get Em's to look like Lia's hair... but her hair is pretty thin... so the bob really works for her. But - really- in the end- our girls are adorable for any hair cut!! I wish I had that problem! HAHA!!

Kellyann said...

Bloopers? What kind of meds have you been taking?? They are GREAT and Lia is such a great subject. She looks at least like she was being cooperative, lol! So sweet. I wish I had half your talent.

my4andnomore said...

I'm no photographer, but I like your pictures. Even the BLOOPERS as you call them.I think you have a real knack for doing it.Keep up the great work. Amber

3 Peanuts said...

Oh I LOVE That last one....I find the more I lean the harder I am on my photos too. It is sometimes good to step away for a few days, put the camera down and get your perspective back. You are a GREAT photographer and you inspire me all the time:)


Rebecca said...

Awwwww Kate! These are SO CUTE! The hat is to die for! Lia is so pretty in pink. And Mom, fabulous camera work... I think they are VERY "right".