Sunday, February 3, 2008

More from the Past

On February 7th, we celebrate two years with Lia. I will be posting a lot about our time in China over the next few weeks, but I also want to post about some special events that occurred in the two years that she has been home. I guess you could call it "A blast from the past"...which sounds funny since Lia is only 3!

Anyway.....these are pictures from Easter 2006 and 2007. We travel to see our parents on the major holidays and enjoy spending time with cousins and other extended family. I love that Lia is growing up with the same holiday traditions that I did. I can't beleive how much she changed in a year! In the first pciture she is with her Nana and Papa and her cousin Olivia. In the second picture, from Easter 2007, she was a little freaked out by the Easter Bunny (and frankly...can't say I blame her!) but did tolerate a quick picture.

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