Friday, May 9, 2008

Oh the sheer bliss....

Today was the annual Mother's Day Breakfast at Lia's Montessori school. It has been a major topic of conversation at our house this week. Listed, in no particular order (except for the first two...which really belong at the top of the list in Lia's book!) are the things that Lia (and her Mama) were most excited about:
1. The wearing of a fancy dress...
2. ...with stockings (serious joy of all joys!)
3. Mama would get to sit right beside Lia at the breakfast
4. The "surprise" present Lia was working on in school
5. The "surprise" flower card she also made in school
This was my second year to attend the breakfast...and I can honestly say it is one of the events at Lia's school I particularly love. I had a wonderful opportunity to chat with other moms as we waited for the children to arrive from their classrooms, which is a rare treat since drop off and pickup times vary by child and I rarely get the chance to talk at length with anyone. But of course, the absolute BEST part of the morning was seeing Lia arriving in line with her class. The look on her face when she spotted me at the table almost made me cry (and I didn't get a picture as I was too busy trying to get her attention!). The hour or so that I spent at her school this morning met every dreamy expectation I ever had as I waited so many years to become a mom. I am blessed beyond reason and so very humbled by and thankful to Lia's China mother. May she somehow know how very much her beautiful Hui Wen is loved and treasured .
This is a picture of Lia and me this morning, all dolled up for the big shindig. I think this is one of the first times I have knowingly stepped to the other side of the camera lens for blog purposes. I would like to mention that this photo was taken at 7:00 am before I left for school...and I am just getting over a little bout of the stomach flu...but here I am. :-)

This is the BIG GIFT Lia has been working on all week. It is entitled, "Meet My Mom". Lia's teachers asked her questions about me and filled in what she said:

Her name is: umm... Katie (:-))
Her hair is: ...I think it's black (actually brown with blonde highlights!)
Her eyes are: blue (this is a huge topic of conversation in our house...she's obsessed with eye color right now!)
Her favorite color is: orange (!?!)
She likes to: do some work on the computer (big red flag to me....definitely cutting back!)
I love my mom because: she loves me too ~ every day she loves me!

Yes she does, baby...she loves you more than you'll every know!!


Laurie said...

OH, pure bliss it is!! My sweetie will go to Montessori school in the fall- think they'll have a Mother's Day breakfast too? :) Glad you had a great time!

Don and Lisa Osborn said...

Katie~ (Are you called that in some circles or just by Lia???)

I loved this post and the complete joy overflowing from your experience. It is obvious you are so in love with Lia and that she thinks you're the best. You were meant for each other and am so glad God brought you together.

What a special day and date. Congratulations!


PS-Sorry you've been sick. Hope you're feeling better. xoxo

Erin said...

That is adorable... all of it. You two were made for each other, and you look sooo cute together!

Bella's mama said...

Your daughter is beautiful. I found you from your blog being posted from your interest in Adoption (China Adoption). Would you please tell me how you were able to put your name on that list or how you were able to get that list onto your blog? I am so new to this and still VERY GREEN.

Have an amazing Mothers Day,


Julie said...

MA's school did the fill in the balnk about my mommy! It was a hoot! Apparently I do not like hot peas!


Bella's mama said...


You so totally rock!!!! I did what you said to do and it looks like it worked. yippie!!!

Burr~ I must admit though I miss my fireplace ( I am a transplant from TN). So the 'envy' flows both ways.

I am so glad we meet!!!


Jodee Leader said...

What a fabulous Mother's Day breakfast! I love the gift Lia made for you! I always love attending functions at school -- they are so much fun!

Happy Mother's Day to you too! I hope you have a great day and that you are feeling better soon!

redmaryjanes said...

What a darling blog. I have been seeing you comment on some of my friends blogs and thought I'd come by. Happy Mothers Day to you!

Melissa said...

So sweet! I FINALLY redid my blog and FINALLY added you on my side bar. Now I'll remember to stop by and say hello more often. :)

Happy Mother's day!

Denise C said...

Oh Kate what a precious post! The picture of you and sweet Lia is beautiful!!! I am so glad you had such a special morning with your baby girl....such cherished times!!!
Happy Mother's Day to you sweet friend!!!
Hugs and Love!

ADELE said...

What a sweet post. I am sure the breakfast was so special for you two to share. Glad you enjoyed it. Hope your Mother's Day was extra special today.

Chris & Deb said...

What a fun event to go to at school! Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day!

Terri said...

Your post was so beautiful & I teared up reading it. What a blessing they are & that Lia is just so precious.

Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day!!!!

Jboo said...

Oh -- so sweet!! It's those special moments that mean so much! You both look fabulous! Hope you had a great weekend!


Kimber said...

That is SO sweet! I love her little answers. I have not forgotten about your quilt square. When my computer crashed and burned I was in the middle of getting a few together but all the addresses wer on my old could you e-mail me your info again? Sorry! I'll mail it at the end of this week.


Danielle said...

So sweet!

You are so pretty! I figured you were. I was wondering what you looked like so now I know. :)

Thank you SO much for the spatula. I LOVE it! I probably love it more than I should though. I wanted it so badly. Thank you!

I hope you're feeling better.

Big thank you hugs,


Bridget said...

So sweet! Sounds like a perfect day to me! I love the pictures, especially the one of you and Lia- too cute. I also love all of the answers she gave to her teacher. I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day with your wonderful daughter!

paige said...

how precious!
i love those mommy poems....priceless!
great post
( btw--yes, absolutely you may! & thank you so much)

Ashley Winters said...

What a great post. Happy Belated Mother's Day!

missy said...

These are such sweet pictures. I love her little answers...too cute!

Jennifer said...


What a wonderful Mother's Day you must of had. How sweet was the gift Lia gave you! Isn't it funny what they say and think. The picture of the two of you is GREAT! Isn't Mother's Day wonderful??? I had a great day too.

Julie said...

Being a mom is the best! Enjoy, Enjoy , Enjoy!
Thanks for sharing, julie