Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Razzle Dazzle 'Em!

Dear Lia,

Tonight we had your very first dress rehearsal. Mama has happily attended your cousins' recitals many times, always dreaming of the moment I would be able to watch my own daughter up on stage. When we first tried dance class last September, I wasn't sure this would be the year. You were the youngest in your class...and you much preferred laying on the floor to participating. After you turned 3 (!) in December, we decided to try again...and you loved it from the start.

You have been singing "Robin in the Rain", your recital number, almost non-stop for the past month...and practicing hard. You and I were both giddy when we finally laid eyes on the beautiful costume you get to wear in your recital. We did a few practice runs of putting your hair up in a bun over the past few weeks. You sure don't care much for the pins necessary to hold all that hair in place...but when I assured you that Julia and Lauren would also have pins in their hair, you decided it would all be okay. And Mama is getting better at it each time we practice!

As luck would have it, Daddy was away on business today, so it was just you and me. Mama made a somewhat lengthy list so we would not forget anything and be on time. You couldn't have been better...and let me tell you, when you found out there was make-up involved, you practically threw your clothes off in one fluid movement...so eager were you to get ready!

When we got to the school where your recital will be held in a few weeks, you took in all the activity with your usual wariness. The photographer did everything but stand on his head to get a smile out of you, but you were very serious about it all. Have no doubt...I will still treasure those pictures forever. I would love them even if YOU were standing on your head (without messing up your hair of course!)

When we got to your backstage waiting area, you recognized your friends from class and you started to warm up...and smile. I could tell that you loved looking at all the costumes the "big girls" were sporting. You were especially taken by the "pink girls"...and I can see why...they looked very beautiful in their pink confections...cotton candy with legs!!

They sent the mamas to get seats right before you took the stage. I spent a few minutes in panic trying to figure out the video camera before deciding I would just take still photos. I didn't want to chance messing up the video and not having any pictures.

Lia, when your "Saturday, 10:30" class took the stage, I realized that collectively, you were a tour de force!! Each and every one of you sang and danced your little hearts out! I thought MY heart would surely leap from my chest...I was so proud! And you even smiled once or twice!

When your number was over...all too fast... you were given the opportunity to walk across the stage to thunderous applause from all the parents. You didn't miss a beat, walking and waving...I truly believe you could one day be queen of something other than this house! It was fabulous. And when you stopped at the end to blow a kiss, I was done. I am pretty sure I was one of the only mamas in the audience crying happy tears. But don't worry...I didn't embarrass you...I wiped them away before anyone noticed!

Lia...once again, you have surpassed my dreams of motherhood and how sweet it would be. I am so proud of you. You have blessed my life beyond reason or expectation.

You wowed the crowd tonight...but baby...you razzle dazzle ME everyday!

I love you.



Jboo said...

Oh my -- looks like she did a wonderful job and she looks so beautiful!! And this was the dress rehearsal!! Bet you can hardly wait to watch it again at the recital! Enjoy!!


Erin said...

That is just about the cutest thing I have ever read! Lia is the most adorable "queen of something other than her house", and honestly, it made me proud too, just hearing about it! I'm signing Libby up for ballet. Stat!

Laurie said...

Darling letter to Lia! She will treasure that someday! She looks SO beautiful!!

Don and Lisa Osborn said...


What a precious letter you've written to your darling girl. Thank you for including us in on this special rehearsal and allowing us to celebrate her success!

It'll be a wonderful recital, I'm sure of it.

So proud of you, Lia!!!


Denise C said...

Kate, this is so beautiful! Little Lia will treasure this!!!
Beautiful pictures of her all dazzled up too!
I know you were one proud momma!!!
Hugs to you sweet friend!!!

Jeff and Amy said...

How abosolutely priceless, your little Lia look like a princess, oh how I look forward to that day with my little one.

Anonymous said...


Laura & Emma

Heather said...

Oh yeah!!! Great job Lia - I have to tell you I just walked through the door from Emily's first dress rehearsal and I am on a tutu high:)

You made our night even more special.

So happy to hear it is a razzle dazzle 'em week for you too!

Enjoy the recital...

Kerry said...

Lia looks so adorable. One of those moments that you just never want to end! So great that you still have the recital to enjoy.

Good luck Lia! I am sure she will steal the show.


Jennifer said...

Lia looks so beautiful in her Dance Costume. Her dress is beautiful. Great job Lia!!! Kate~these are the wonderful times we waited for!!! Isn't it great???

Don and Lisa Osborn said...

I think it is cute that she's singing "Robin in the Rain." I'd never heard that song until Lindy got a Raffi cd for her birthday. It dawned on me yesterday as we were driving around listening to that song, that it's the same one Lia is singing. Kind of a hard song, really, so you should be all the more proud of her.


Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

What cute pictures! She looks like she is on the road to becoming a prima ballerina! I can't wait until Sarah is old enough for ballet....it was passion growing up and I danced professionally for two years with a Ballet Company. This is fun stuff....enjoy the moment!


my3 kids said...

awe what a beautiful little girl Lia is.

Jewels of My Heart said...

Your little Lia is just breathtaking... What a beautiful post about your little Beauty...

Bridget said...

So sweet - I love all of the pictures. She is the cutest little ballerina I have ever seen! Such a sweet letter you wrote!

Julie said...

She is too cute! Very impressed that she got on stage!

Kellyann said...

You have me in tears. What a wonderful memory to have recorded for Lia. She looks absolutely gorgeous in her costume. I can't wait to see the video.