Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Fun With Editing and...I Love Her a Little More Everyday!


missy said...


These are just breathtaking photos of Lia! Wow, even if you hadn't edited they would be beautiful.

We are going to the beach on Monday and I cannot wait!

Let the photoshoots begin : )

Laura said...

I know what you mean about a little more each day. Did ever think it was possible to love someone more and more each day. Just when you think you love her as much as you can, the next day you do even more for some reason.


ps. I guess the same goes for Kevin :o)

This is the story said...

Hi Kate,
Thanks so much for your sweet message on our blog. I've just now had the chance to stop by. Your Lia is just beautiful and I love your photographs, you do an amazing job!

my3 kids said...

What beautiful pictures of Miss Lia! Thanks for signing my blog..it's great to "meet" you:)


Kerry said...

Stunning pictures of Lia. She is a true beauty. And Kate your photo editing is so great. I am always learning from you.

Thanks and Hugs

Denise C said...

Oh my...these pictures of your little beauty are absolutely stunning!!! Teach me how to edit like this!!! Pretty Please!

Don and Lisa Osborn said...

Wow~whether you are teaching this to yourself, or experimenting, you are doing great.



Jboo said...

Kate -- those are gorgeous photos -- great job! Lia is so beautiful and the beach -- it looks lovely!


Kellyann said...

Great job Kate! Lia is so adorable and I really hate seeing them grow up so fast. I wish I could slow them down and enjoy the moments a little more.

Anonymous said...

Your just doing a fantastic job with your photography. I'm obsessed with learning all the art behind the photo ad capturing those precious little moments.

Lia is darling as always, she's got such a precious face.


Erin said...

Dreamy! She is so photogenic! What editing programs do you like?