Monday, July 28, 2008

A Master in the Making

Dear Lia,

Last summer Daddy and I delighted in your explosion of language skills. Almost everyday, we noticed something new about how you were communicating and we thrilled at each new accomplishment. It's hard to believe that we could have been any prouder!

This summer we have been watching your skills improve in letter recognition, phonemic awareness and fine motor skills. You can spot your favorite letters in an instant...and always love to call them out and make sure we see them! You are getting much better at making pairs of rhyming words...and will often "read" any storybook in the cadence of our all-time favorite author, Dr. Seuss.

Your artwork has become...prolific. Your pictures now cover almost every available surface in the house...and I wouldn't have it any other way! When we ran out of room on the refrigerator, you pointed out space on the inside of the computer armoire door...and up they went!

Like the great masters, you often concentrate on one area each time you draw. Your favorite subject (and mine too, truth be told) is our family. You always give yourself and mommy long hair...and you never forget your daddy's goatee. Sometimes you spend a whole morning drawing houses. One day, you drew the moon...with a cow jumping over remembered the udders, but asked for help with the stars.

You LOVE to cut and tape. You make fantastical inventions that always have a story behind them (as well as MANY pieces of sticky tape!). This is a boat you made to sail to Cinderella's castle (although you reminded me that we couldn't really sail in it!). You concentrate so completely that I often have to call your name several times to gain your attention...and then your slight disdain at whatever silliness I am interrupting you with. I am working hard at staying out of your way and letting you do the work you want.

One day you worked and worked on this...

When I asked you what it all was, you told me, "big to little". Well of course it is.

I most adore the "letters" you "mail" to me on occasion. When I ask you what they say, you "read" them to me, pointing out each "word". They are lengthy recitations with lots of details, often pertaining to whatever is happening that day at home...but they always end with..."I love you Mama!...Love, Lia".

And how great is that....because...

I love YOU Lia!




Somewhere In The Sun said...

She is certainly talented! I love the "big to little." That's really smart!


Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

What a creative little girl.

It is amazing how a couple sheets of paper, crayons or markers, scissors, and some tape can hold their attention for such a long period of time.

Nick still loves to sit and make projects....from what I have seen of Sarah....thinking she is not going to fit this mold....time will tell!

Your letters to Lia are always so beautifully written....she is one lucky little girl!


Laura said...

She does a great job. At least Jim get's his goatee. Kevin doesn't even get much hair??


Jboo said...

Lia is a very talented little girl! Maddy also loves to draw and has started writing me letters lately. So fun!! Love Lia's "big" to "little" exercise --she is very bright! You're lucky you get long hair -- my hair puffs way up in pictures (guess that's how Maddy sees it(and it's really not that bad!). Enjoy your budding artist!


Don and Lisa Osborn said...

She is a special girl, with special talents and surely that is because she has a wonderful mother who not only adores her but loves her so...

What a blessing.


Erin said...

I just love this post... it shows so much of Lia's darling personality. She is really something... to write her name so well, and to be able to draw people so accurately is remarkable! Wow!

Catherine said...

What precious pieces of art! Love all the stories that go behind the art kids create. Good times!

Kerry said...

Lia and Grace would be the best of friends. We have similarly decorated fridges!

Very sweet post to your sweet little artist.