Thursday, January 29, 2009

...and she dances

I truly felt like the Mamarazzi this afternoon trying to capture Lia in action. I was literally shooting through a crack in the door, and AROUND a corner to get these shots...but oh so worth it. Priceless to me!!!






My personal interpretive dance of some sort!! :-)




Rachel said...

Lia looks so graceful and so focused on her dance! She's adorable and your sneaky pictures are great!


Jboo said...

She looks really focused on her dance and so darn adorable! Don't you love those little ballet slippers -- they look so comfy!


Missy said...

Soooo sweet, Kate!!! Oh how I love to see her in action. What a doll baby! I love the interpretive dance : ) Precious girl. I am going to email you back in a few : )

Kam said...

How graceful she looks!

Kennedy took ballet/tap when she was three. There are some of my all time favorite pics of her from that year.

Jodee Leader said...

These pictures are just adorable. I love Lia's outfit too!

It's amazing what the Mamarazzi will do to get a few pictures! I would totally do the same thing!

Jennifer said...

What a beautiful little dancer.

Those pictures are priceless.


Jill said...

Oh, what SWEET photos!! She's so adorable!!

Lucy said...

Such a sweet little ballerina. I would have done the same thing, it's too cute not to!

Shelly and Family said...

Oh ballet classes! Oh how I love ballet classes! Francesca is dying to take them too but can't with her bowel problem. I ma hoping that by the fall we'll have that issues..."under control".

BTW...beautiful photos!

Laura said...

Great pictures. She is getting so big.


Kellyann said...

Nice shots. She really looks like she knows what she is doing!! Go Lia!! Love the outfit too.
I am so disappointed I didn't make it into the class you sugggested...I was really looking forward to it.

Ivy said...

Oh, she's got the moves alright and so serious too! Love her own interpretation, I think that's some new jazz move:))

She's full of grace and beauty!

Mwaaaaaaah pretty girl!

Ivy and Kira

Anonymous said...

Yes, I do LOVE these photos, and enjoyed seeing some old favorite dance clothes getting a good workout, but......She needs a bun in her hair!!!! Guess Who!

Michelle said...

She looks like a natural! She makes such a beautiful little dancer.

Sue said...

Alexa takes ballet too and it is so hard to get any shots of her...that darn curtain.

I love the ballet slippers and Lia looks so pretty.

Sue : )

Bridget said...

Well if Miss Lia isn't the cutest dancer I have ever seen!! She looks like she just loves it - how fun! Hope all's well!

Casey said...

Well worth it!!! Such sweet pictures! And I love the shoes :)

Heather said...

Love the sneaka poo shots!! She is so cute.

Great post!


Chris and Deb said...

Such sweet, sweet photos of that precious Lia!

Ellie said...

What beautiful photos you take, and what a beautiful blog, as well!!