Tuesday, January 20, 2009

{Old and New}...A Mamarazzi Thing

I belong to a great blog called {We Picture This}...a Mamarazzi Blog. Each month we vote on a theme and then post our interpretations of that theme. I happily admit that I am in way over my photographic head...but I am learning so much from these talented photographers and I just LOVE having a new "project" every time the new theme comes out. This month the theme is {Old and New}. I think it is my favorite one yet! I was so excited when it was the winner. Since Lia and I have had a long weekend, I had some time to take some shots and try a few things out. To see the image I chose to post...go here. (Gram...I hope you like it! :-))

This is another image I really liked. The {Old} part is the necklace around Lia's neck. It belonged to my Grandmother who passed away last April. The {New} part is, of course, Lia.

There are so many possibilities for this theme...I can't wait to see the other interpretations!



Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

I just saw the rocking chair photo....it is beautiful....and so is this one! I love the angle at which this was shot....incredible pic Kate!!

Lia looks so pretty wearing her Great Grandma's necklace:)


Kam said...

Kate, what a beautiful pic. Great for you to have now...but what a gift for her to have when she is older. It is beautiful.

Hope you are doing well and staying warm!

Missy said...

Beautiful pic and I know that necklace is so special to you! What a fun theme : )

Joannah said...


Denise said...

How in the world can you say you are in over your head? Your photos are always breathtaking! I, on the other hand do not even belong in the group!

Kerry said...

Both photos are beautiful. Love the necklace against the white dress- which really emphasizes the contrast between old and new.


Laura said...

I love it.


Chris and Deb said...

There is no way you are over your head Kate!! Your pictures are always SO amazing!! :)

Casey said...


The rocking chair photo is brilliant... love the idea and you've captured the idea so well.

Now... how did I get more snow than you?? HAHA!!